Sunday, September 18, 2022

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

It was just 11 years ago that champagne was flowing in a special VVIP area of the freshly reopened The Star casino in Sydney. 

Wagers of Sin: Have cash, can wash: the failure at Australia’s casinos

Finding Vivian Maier …

 New British PM Truss brings tougher UK stance on China Reuters

Younger Chinese are also having less sex

The Sheep human Contest in France. This is the festival I need right now

7 Reasons Why Naked Capitalism Deserves Your Money

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 Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy is an excellent movie, think of a sharper Japanese version of Eric Rohmer

Watch a husky react to smelling durian BoingBoing  Huskies are such drama queens :-)

Chimps show off their ‘signature’ drum beats BBC