Monday, September 26, 2022

Australia warns businesses of need to back up any green claims they make for products

 Australia warns businesses of need to back up any green claims they make for products

Justice Department issues report on crypto; launches national network for law enforcement efforts

  • Explores 1. crypto as a payment method; 2. as a method of laundering money; and 3. attacks on the crypto system
  • Discusses new digital assets network; coordinating prosecutions, training, every US Attorney to have a point person
  • Report itself here
 FTC issues new report on internet dark patterns; deceptive conduct, include:
  • Ads that are disguised as independent articles;
  • Subscription traps and free trial offers
  • Burying key points in terms and conditions
  • Tricking consumers into providing personal information
  • Full study here

New York: Man pleads guilty to money laundering; was paid from victim funds to provide robocall services for calls from India about tech support and SSA/IRS impersonation calls 
FBI warns the scammers are now stealing large sums from healthcare company, using BEC techniques and redirecting funds
Notes and Observations:  I haven’t received a robocall in over a week.  Is it just me, or have some of efforts to combat this scourge started to pay off? 
Review and Recommendation:   I just watched The Magnificent Seven again. It is truly a great movie.  Wonderful music, good contrast between farmers, a crooked gang, and of course the good guys, with a great cast.

New link to Optus fiasco !

Fraud Studies: Here are links to the studies I’ve written for the Better Business Bureau: puppy fraudromance fraud; BEC fraudsweepstakes/lottery fraud,  tech support fraudromance fraud money mulescrooked movers, government impostersonline vehicle sale scamsrental fraud, gift cards,  free trial offer frauds,  job scams,  online shopping fraud, and crypto scams
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