Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Senate Press Release and Report on Offshore Evasion Through Shell Banks Skirting FATCA

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Former South Australian senator Nick Xenophon is preparing legal actions against one of Australia's biggest banks, alleging it failed to respond quickly enough to a scam.

Adelaide man enlists help from former South Australian senator Nick Xenophon after losing $36,000 to scammers

Bodies enforcing a code of conduct for parliamentarians and their staff won't be the cure-all for systemic cultural issues in Parliament House, an inquiry committee has heard.

The first hearing into such a code in Canberra was told it will go some way to driving cultural change in the building.

However, Department of Parliamentary Services secretary Rob Stefanic told the inquiry more clarification was needed on how the new enforcement body for the code would work alongside other agencies in parliament.

Parliament conduct watchdog 'no panacea'

Why is Australia's financial crimes watchdog investigating the Perth Mint?

Senate Press Release and Report on Offshore Evasion Through Shell Banks Skirting FATCA 

Senator Wyden led a major Senate Finance Committee investigation that produced a press release and report about use of “shell bank” to avoid the FATCA reporting requirements.  See the press release titled Wyden Investigation Uncovers Major Loophole In Offshore Account Reportinghere, and the report titled The Shell Bank Loopholehere.  The press release offers a good summary of the report (see particularly the “Key Findings” in the press release)

Risk for Developing Alzheimer’s Disease Increases by 50-80% In Older Adults Who Caught COVID-19 Neuroscience News

Sixth Circuit Holds Harmless Error to Not Give Correct Jury Instruction on Evasion Statute of Limitations 

In United States v. Pieron (6th Cir. 8/30/22), Unpublished, CA 6 here and GS here [to come]. the Court affirmed Pieron’s tax evasion conviction. Although nonprecedential, I think the opinion offers a lesson for practitioners. I, therefore, report on what the Court described (Slip Op. 4) as “Pieron’s more serious argument” that the trial court failed to give a “correctly stated” jury instruction that the jury was required to find an affirmative act of evasion in the six-year limitations period

Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Cardozo; Google Scholar) & Darien Shanske (UC-Davis; Google Scholar), State Digital Services Taxes: A Good and Permissible Idea (Despite What You Might Have Heard), 98 Notre Dame L. Rev. __ (2022)

Reuven S. Avi-Yonah (Michigan; Google Scholar), Taxing Nomads: Reviving Citizenship-Based Taxation for the 21st Century:

The COVID pandemic and the rise of zooming has increased the ability of many people (primarily the rich) to work remotely.