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Yarra Bay - Vivian Maier: Our brains exist in a state of “controlled hallucination”

Yarra Bay is located on the northern side of Botany Bay in the suburb of Phillip Bay, approximately seven kilometres south of the centre of Sydney. The bay has a south-westerly orientation, making it unique among Sydney beaches. The southern boundary of Yarra Bay is defined by Yarra Point, and Bumborah Point forms the northern limit.

It is a quiet beach ideal for families and swimmers. The Yarra Bay Sailing Club is located adjacent to the beach at one end, and the port at the other.

Yarra Bay House, on Yarra Point, overlooks the beach. It is occupied by the local Aboriginal Land Council. Further along the grassed fore dune area is a sandstone monument commemorating the landing of Governor Philip. It was here on 19 January 1788 that indigenous people directed Governor Phillip to a water source, now named Bunnerong Creek.

Yarra peppered with Stories from Veronka Jen Jen and Malckeon with Irish ☘️ lads

We love rustic second hand objects from furniture to pottery to tools that provide us with first hand emotions. It is sad to watch lovely designed red brick homes  being destroyed for lego boxes with clad exterior … 

On Kagaroo Island there is a lovely spot not too far from the Seal Bay called Vivonne Bay and the best place to enjoy their whiting burger …  in this little general store of a gem I came across an amazing story about a certain photographer by similar French influenced name - Vivian.

 One wonders if Vivian Maier would even bother to take any images of those legos spreading as duplexes in around urban Sydney and its suburbs in 2022. 

The inescapable concrete lego block. Modern architecture is a travesty — and yet we are stuck with it ... Legos of Legos  

 How many more trees are going to be cut to give ways to garages that are never used as the cars do not fit into them … Maier photographed the urban human landscape over the course of three decades. Her preferred subjects were children, the poor, the marginalized, and the elderly, some of them aware of her and some not. 

In a documentary ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ we hear her rather grand and slightly French voice - declaring: ‘Well I suppose nothing is meant to last for ever. We have to make room for other people. (As life) is a wheel. You get on, you have to go to the end.’

With a twin-lens Rolleiflex camera held inconspicuously at hip-height, Maier captured fleeting moments and turned them into something extraordinary. One scowling lady fixes another’s wrinkled veil; a child with grimy cheeks and tear-filled eyes defiantly crosses her arms in front of a window display of draped gloves; a nun waits in the shadows; a prostrate inebriate cups his forehead; a young man rides an absurdly large horse under the El. Doorways, parking spots, bus stops, industrial neighborhoods, movie-theater box offices, city parks, suburban dead ends, train platforms, empty restaurant tables, storefronts, newspaper stands—she photographed the in-between, unexamined places.

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