Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Earth’s Newest Secret

Bioelectronic face mask can detect COVID-19 in real time, scientists say ABC Australia Original

Too many people want the repatriation of art to do something art can't do: redress grievances, salve shame, absolve  guilt »

The politics of gardens. When is a rose not just a rose? When it's planted by Malckeon and George Orwell  Flowers of Howell  »

Opinion | Noted author: ‘Don’t buy my book’

Jeff Pearlman is urging people not to read his 2016 book about Brett Favre after reports that the Hall of Fame quarterback misused welfare money.

September 15, 2022

The Earth’s Newest Secret: Fundamental Changes to What We Know About How Volcanoes WorkSciTechDaily

Date With Adult Model Leads to Testicular Cancer Diagnosis Medscape

Form, function, and the giant gulf between drawing a picture and understanding the world The Road to AI We Can Trust 

Surgical amputation of a limb 31,000 years ago in Borneo Nature

The Black Wealth Data Center was conceived and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Greenwood Initiative, a program area aimed at increasing generational wealth and addressing systemic underinvestment in Black communities. The Greenwood Initiative conceptualized the Black Wealth Data Center to help address the problem of insufficient and inaccessible data on the topic of Black wealth. Prosperity Nowserves as the host and incubator of the Black Wealth Data Center, building on its long history and legacy of work in racial economic justice rooted in data, research, and community building.”

  • EASY ACCESS TO RACIAL WEALTH EQUITY DATA – Use our Racial Wealth Equity Database for data disaggregated by race at the national, regional, and local level

Meet Elliott Tanner: At Age 14, He’s Pursuing His Ph.D. in Physics.

Elliott’s family has long known he’s gifted — the youngster started doing math as a toddler and became a member of Mensa International at the tender age of 6, Minnesota Parent reported. But the rest of the world was made privy to his academic prowess when he graduated from UofM earlier this year at age 13 with a bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in math, making waves in the media and earning him a loyal following of supporters wanting to see him succeed.