Monday, September 19, 2022

Twitter Spying: New British PM Truss brings tougher UK stance on China

Leisl Kudelka

Courts lift suppression orders on ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle’s landmark case

Boyle took unprecedented step of invoking Australia’s whistleblower protections after exposing tax agency’s aggressive debt collecting practices in 2018

More on Tax Due and Owing and Tax Deficiency 

In United States v. Green, ___ F.4th ___, 2022 U.S. App. LEXIS 23750 (5th Cir. 8/24/22), CA5 here and GS here [to come], the Court affirmed convictions of (i) John Green (an attorney) and Thomas Selgas for defraud conspiracy and (ii) Selgas for tax evasion

Whistleblower says China, India had agents working for Twitter, shareholders vote in favour of sale to Musk

Australian business owners urged to shorten web addresses to avoid cybercrime attack

Here is how to do it How To Search Tweets By Location

Advos: “Ever wonder who the people are that are near your location and tweeting with a certain topic or hashtag? Maybe not, unless you are a Twitter nerd like me. But it can be interesting and if done correctly, improve your social marketing. Here is how to do it…”

In Prague, It Begins American Conservative 

Opinion/Esserman: Lessons learned in 25 years as a police chief

Lucrative IRS program targeting wealthy tax cheats is withering from lack of funds The Hill


The American Mall’s Long Goodbye Sunday Long Read 

Is There Such a Thing As an Ethical Smart City?Curbed

Around 70,000 People Protest Against Czech Government, NATO in Prague Antiwa

New British PM Truss brings tougher UK stance on China Reuters

Slovak government loses majority as ministers quit Reuters. Kevin W: “Another EU/NATO friendly government falls.” Moi: Sort of falls. Article notes no easy path to snap elections.

New York City sues Starbucks for firing union-organizing barista The Guardian 

Qatar deports workers who protested against unpaid salaries Middle East Eye

Trader Joe’s broke labor laws in effort to stop stores unionizing, workers say The Guardian