Thursday, April 25, 2019

We've read the Mueller report

We've read the Mueller report. Here's what you need to know: ██ ██ ███ ███████ █████ ███ ██ █████ ████████ █████

Trump predicted he was *** – but he hadn't reckoned on ██████████

WH may seek to prevent McGahn from complying with House subpoena

CNN – “…Apparently recognizing the potentially devastating impact of McGahn’s testimony, the White House reportedly may assert executive privilege in an effort to block it. But executive privilege — the notion that certain communications between the President and his advisers should remain confidential — seems inapplicable here. First, under the legal “crime-fraud exception,” testimonial privileges do not apply to conversations that occurred in the course of committing a crime — here, at least arguably, obstruction. Second, the White House likely has given up, or “waived,” the privilege by permitting McGahn to speak to Mueller about the communications and then by allowing McGahn’s testimony to not be redacted in the final report. Typically, once a privilege is waived, it cannot then be un-waived later…” [Note – nothing about these events is typical]

Justice Department censored CNN headline, New York Post quotation, and more

National Security ArchiveBlack blotches mar the surface of the Mueller Report like measles cases tracked on a map of Brooklyn.  Some 176 of the 448 pages feature at least one redaction, according to the Washington Post count, and 10 pages are blacked out in full. The Justice Department redactions are on their face overdone.  The censors working for Attorney General William Barr even blacked out people’s names that appear in published news accounts or in public quotations.  For example, on Volume 2, page 128, there’s a black blotch and the code “HOM” [claiming Harm to Ongoing Matter] over a name that President Trump told the New York Post in a direct quote during a November 2018 interview, a quote the Post subsequently published.  The name is Roger Stone, the currently indicted former partner of convicted felon and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort…These unwarranted deletions are black marks on Barr’s record and on the credibility of the Justice Department. The idea that leaving in any mention of Stone would somehow do harm to the ongoing prosecution cannot be true, given the amount of information the government has already had to file in court to indict Stone, not to mention the vigorous counter arguments made by a vociferous Stone and his defense team…”

Breaking news Chinagate 🇨🇳 

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· Australian politicians including the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader risk being kicked off China's largest social ...

OUT SOON FROM VLADIMIR BUKOVSKY:  Judgment in Moscow: Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity

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