Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Nocturnal Art: Tiffany of Fun courtesy of Gaga

 If life is like a river, then MEdia Dragons 🐉 are happy to go with the flow

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tiffany has revealed Lady Gaga will front a new line of silver and gold jewellery called City HardWear. Lady Gaga joins more-mainstream Legendary Style leading ladies that include Christy Turlington, Lupita Nyong’o and Elle Fanning.
Lady Gaga's Oscars necklace makes surprise trip to Australia

'Un-Australian' Vegemite toast goes viral - Lifestyle

A Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth

World’s longest salt cave found in Dead Sea’s Mt. Sedom, ‘biblical’ Israel Jerusalem Post
“Everyone thinks it’s good to be an architect, because your building will stand long after your gone, but for all you know, they could be left looking greedy and ugly.”

“Is there really humanity in architecture? If there were you’d have to regret what you did. You and the others at Hyeonsan need to think on your sins.”

Art and the Nocturnal Imagination: Painter, Poet, and Philosopher Etel Adnan on Dreaming and Creativity

“The logic of dreams is superior to the one we exercise while awake. In dreams the mind at last finds its courage: it dares what we do not dare.”

“My uncle died three times in the space of one week.”

Commuter SpousesInside Higher Ed, ‘Commuter Spouses’:

Many academics have partners who are academics, and "two-body issues" complicate many a job search. A new book looks at the impact of these situations on the couples and on society. While many of the couples examined inCommuter Spouses: New Families in a Changing World (Cornell University Press Mar. 15, 2019) are academics, the book explores the issues that arise for others as well.

No pain, anxiety or depression. For this woman, even childbirth was a 'tickle'

A mutation to the FAAH-OUT gene has kept Scottish woman Jo Cameron in pain-free, depression-free bliss. Scientists wonder if it can be replicated.

Flying high in the skies above Antarctica’s ice in late 2016, the former head of the Australian Antarctic Division was on a spectacular mission.
The Antarctic Treaty System bars military activity or mineral exploration and it is up to scientists like Nicholas Gales to ensure their neighbours are doing as they should.
His goal that day was to complete the first inspection of the remote American base at the South Pole by a nation unaided by the Americans themselves.

Is Donald Trump Really A Great Novelist?

Richard North Patterson: “The aim of the novelist is to enlist others in his fantasies, immersing them in an alternative reality so emotionally compelling that they willingly suspend disbelief. Trump has dangerously conflated this sort of storytelling with real-life presidential leadership, casting himself in the role of the archetypal savior-hero, battling the forces of evil. He’s our first novelist in chief.” – The Atlantic

Victor Hochhauser, 95, Impresario Who Brought Great Performers From Behind The Iron Curtain To London

He was the first in Britain to stage operas for mass audiences in arenas, and his Sunday concerts at the Royal Albert Hall (though they irked critics) drew many newcomers to classical music. But he and his wife, Lilian, were best known for presenting the best musicians and artists from the Soviet Union — Oistrakh, Rostropovich, Richter, the Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets, and many more. – The Guardian

A Day in Data: Infographic of the day
The exponential growth of data is undisputed, but the numbers behind this explosion - fuelled by IoT and the use of connected devices is staggering & future projections emphasise the ‘digital footprint’ that people leave behind.

The Point Of Art? Not To “Save” Us (But It Can)

Christian Wiman: If there’s a poem that works for me, it’s showing me something of reality. It’s more than that, actually: it’s enabling me to participatein reality again. John Berger has a wonderful essay about looking at the paintings of Van Gogh when he’s in despair and saying that suddenly reality had been salvaged. That’s the word he uses. That’s often what I feel when I come across poetry that I love, that reality’s been salvaged for me. And reality does have to be salvaged for us, all of us, again and again. – New Criterion

Susan Maury, via Power to Persuade
What is the point of aggressive and austere policies? Here’s a psychological frame to examine why putting people into crisis is counterproductive.
Automatically granting leadership status to job titles may highlight a manager’s authority over others and his or her profile within an organisation, but it also reflects how unquestioning we are about what leadership is.

MUSIC INDUSTRY - The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts today presented its report on the Australian music industry. The committee has made 16 recommendations to ensure the future growth and sustainability of this sector.

The Chair, Luke Howarth MP, stated that ‘investment in the support and promotion of Australian artists and other industry careers is essential to the retention of talent and, ultimately, the sustainability and growth of the Australian music industry.’

‘The music industry has experienced significant disruption as a result of technological advances and the rapid digitisation of the distribution of music; however, the industry’s recent return to growth and decrease in the number of consumers downloading music illegally is evidence of the industry’s successful adaption to the digital disruption,’ added Mr Howarth.

Key recommendations include:

  • removing the pricing cap on license fees for the radio broadcast of sound recordings;
  • investing in supporting artists to tour in Australia, both in major cities and regional areas;
  • investing in the Live Music Office, to continue its work advising and supporting state and local governments to develop regulation that encourages and celebrates live music;
  • changing the application and monitoring of Australian music content quotas for commercial radio;
  • investing in Sounds Australia’s music exports program;
  • prioritising and supporting Australian music at government activities and events;
  • developing mutually beneficial visa arrangements with the United States of America to allow artists from both countries to more easily showcase and tour;
  • encouraging states and territories to improve access to music education for public primary and secondary school students;
  • investing in initiatives aimed at training and supporting Australian artists and industry professionals to grow and develop their businesses;
  • investing in grants and industry partnerships that support artists in the creation of new music and new recordings; and
  • investing in Support Act to enable it to expand its services and deliver crisis support for artists and others working in the Australian music industry.
The report can be accessed from the Committee’s website.