Thursday, April 25, 2019

'Sharing the spotlight': Anzac Day - from dawn to dusk

Washington spells out concerns over UK decision on 5G mobile network access

Sharing the spotlight': Anzac Day - from dawn to dusk

Fine weather is expected to bring out significant numbers to commemorate Anzac Day.

A poetic testament to the enduring myth of Anzac

Frank May, almost 93, had written a poem in the morning dark, and had stood all through the dawn service.

Why were the Turks our enemies in 1914? Because Britain refused their offer of alliance in 1913

Both my grandfathers fought in the Great War, one in the Middle East and one in France. They survived (or I wouldn’t be here), but one was badly wounded in a gas attack. I’ve thought about this on Anzac Day for most of my 60+ years, but last year I learned something I hadn’t thought about and, as far as I can tell, hardly anyone else in Australia knows. We were only fighting Turkey because the British government refused their request for an alliance. I wrote about this last year, and I’m reposting it now.

'They chucked bits of rag on the bed and we had enough to make the flag': the war is over

The word went out that red, white and blue material was needed to make an Australian flag.

Before the Anzac biscuit, soldiers ate a tile so hard you could write on it

Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his family in 1910 (Photo Source: Imperial War Museum)

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The resurgence of the Anzac legend in the last quarter of the twentieth century took many Australians by surprise. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, it seemed that the rituals of Anzac Day would wither and fade ...

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Anzac Memories: Living with the Legend, Second Edition. by Alistair Thomson. Monash University Publishing, $34.95 pb, 423 pp, 9781921867583. Be warned! The commemorative tsunami is on ...

Centenary of World War One: The National World War One Museum

Map Central, Allied and Neutral powers of WW1
Central, Allied and Neutral powers of WW1

'Future generations will not thank us': the Tory backlash over May's Huawei decision

The US has warned Britain that allowing Huawei into its 5G rollout could jeopardise its role in the elite Five Eyes intelligence sharing club.