Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Have the ‘big four’ firms become too cosy with the system they’re supposed to be keeping in check?

Off-hours? Glenn Kessler lets out a short laugh. “We’re always on call, all the time. He’s always tweeting or what have you.”
Kessler leads the three-member Washington Post fact-checking unit. They put together a database tracking President Trump’s misstatements, which made news itself last month when it documented more than 3,000 of Trump's false or misleading statements since he took office.
As of the latest update Friday morning, it’s 3,251

The Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australia's CERT, and the UK National Cyber Security Centre had been informed, Cariss said, adding that PageUp was liaising with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

"If Company A  , obviously, on which countries do not want to top the list.‘ 

Have the Biggest U.S. Banks Become Less Complex? Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Liberty Street Economics

Ticketfly Ticketing Platform Goes Down In Hacking

The site powers sales for many independent venues across the country. Still, much of the website remains down. Eventbrite, the San Francisco-based company that owns Ticketfly, told The Washington Post in a statement that an investigation into the breach is ongoing, but it confirmed that “some customer information has been compromised as part of the incident, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of Ticketfly fans.” … Read More

Cites TJN’s Financial Secrecy Index. See also: Why the big US banks are still dangerous Neue Zürcher Zeitung (In German)

Apple refuses testimony before EU tax committee: Apple’s refusal is phony Sven Giegold
Tajikistan: Money by Marriage OCCRP

An OCCRP investigation show how unlimited political power leads to business success in one of Central Asia’s poorest countries.
Millions in Baltic Scandal Frozen at Swiss bank Julius Baer finews

… liquidator accuses Julius Baer of not adequately checking the source and cleanliness of the money
Oligarch Hits Back at Swiss Banks finews

Italy: The League caught up in an offshore scandal L’espresso (In Italian)
‘The League is part of the Italian coalition government sharing power with the Five Star Movement.

Opaque UK-owned company obtains controversial oil rights in UNESCO park in Democratic Republic of Congo Global Witness

The financial scandal no one is talking about The Guardian
Have the ‘big four’ firms become too cosy with the system they’re supposed to be keeping in check?

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