Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tackling VAT Fraud: good people end up doing immoral things in lobbying

Corporate Contractors: The High End of the Precariat (Updated)

The stressful life of downwardly mobile corporate contractors

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220 million per kilometre Sydney to Newcastle rail line rejig to burn taxpayer hard earn cash

Tackling VAT Fraud

JustGiving targeted by criminals for money laundering

Institution M: the German spy on trial for evading millions in tax  

Rentokil director who 'introduced Bell Pottinger to Gupta family' leaves job after South Africa racism scandal  

Malchkeon  and her tribe ...

I used to work at Bell Pottinger – so I can tell you why good people end up doing immoral things in lobbying   

Since 2008 Walmart has paid $64B in corporate income tax, while Amazon has paid $1.4B 

Nigeria has traced about $1.5billion believed to be proceeds of crime to a Swiss account 

Countries are using tax policy to drive growth, reduce inequalities and promote behavioural change  

Rope Tightens Around Global Tax Avoidance  

An EU Turnover Tax on Tech Giants Is a Bad Idea  

States are targeting art collectors who don't pay taxes  

South Africa's tax authority threatens legal action against KPMG

Indonesia to trace and tax assets kept hidden during amnesty  

Dirty money? Mystery over shredded €500 notes in Swiss sewers  

Tanzanian Leader's War for Taxes Puts Economy in Firing Line 

How US states are fighting inequality with a “millionaire tax  

Tax Haven Cash Rising, Now Equal To At Least 10% Of World GDP  

Companies are realising that there are financial gains to be made in saving the earth. Read more

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