Thursday, September 21, 2017

Didgeridoo Fujara, Fujarka, Fujarvocka, Nobel Prize

Why can a didgeridoo levitate a $20 note? Cultural Infusion presents a new and exciting show based on original research of Lloyd Hollenberg, professor of theoretical physics at the Melbourne University. Answering the questions you never even thought to ask. The didgeridoo is as simple as it is complex. The simple part is the instrument itself: a pipe made from a branch that has been hollowed out by termites. The complexity is created by the human players and how they produce the sound

The new science of the ancient didgeridoo

Didgeridoo Medicine And Feline Physics: The 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes…

Didgeridoo, Magic, Homelands
The medical researchers who found that learning to play the didgeridoo strengthens the muscles that control breathing and can reduce snoring received the peace prize
And since one definition of a liquid is matter that takes the shape of its container, the physics prize was given to a scientist who suggests that cats (see photo) are arguably liquid as well as solid. … [Read More]