Saturday, September 02, 2017

Colombia Celebrates World Laziness

A German supermarket emptied its shelves of foreign goods to make a point about racism Independent

How Many Heartbeats Does Each Species Get in a Lifetime? - Gizmodo
Via MT - two things to live long keep cool so live in the Cold Mountian or Swim in Cold River and eat small amounts as that way you get to reach the limited heartbeats and live till you are  100 plus ... 'THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: 107-Year-Old Woman Credits Scotch, ‘Hearty Appetite’ For Long Life

Nature Has A Formula That Tells Us When It's Time To Die

The Sordid Double Life of Washington’s Most Powerful Ambassador The Intercept. Yousef Al Otaiba (!)

Gareth Ward massage saga: MP says CCTV will support story but refuses to name website
Story image for gareth ward from politician caught up in sleazy massage scam in New York

MP cries 'blackmail' over Albion Park Rail Bypass

THIS EDITION OF DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE IS SPONSORED BY CHIQUITA BANANAS: “This weekend, leaders from Ole Miss Greek life convened upon Camp Hopewell in Lafayette County for a three-day retreat designed to build leaders and bring campus closer together. The retreat was cut short Saturday night, however, after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the camp’s cabins. The students shared what they found with National Pan-Hellenic Council leaders, sparking a day’s worth of camp-wide conversation surrounding symbolism, intended or not. In the midst of the open and sometimes heated discussion, senior accounting major Ryan Swanson said he put the banana peel in the tree when he could not find a trashcan nearby.”
This idiot country is losing its damn mind. Our universities are training students to be total neurotics. If you are an actual adult who wails and gnashes her teeth at the sight of a banana peel, you ought to question whether you are mature enough for college. And if you are an actual adult who lacks the spine to tell students who freak out over banana peels to grow up, you ought to question whether you might be Stuart Smalley

OMG, something NORMAL happened. The First Amendment chalks up a much needed win: Southern District of New York Judge Jed Rakoff dismisses Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. [The Slot]

Via Iceberg ... Woman Dies After Reported Botched Breast Surgery at Beauty Salon

NY Woman Dies After Complications From Botched Plastic Surgery

Sex In The Courtroom Sells 

There's nothing like power, sexual heat, and passion in the courtroom 

STANDING UP TO SEXISM: Melania Trump’s office slams media for focus on her shoes during Harvey trip. Why are the news media such cesspits of superficial sexism, stereotyping, and misogyny?

OUT: INTERCOURSE. In: “Outercourse.” Plus, shocking news from 1973: “According to a recent study, many women report that they require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.”

Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 on makeup in three months Politico. This is not “makeup” per se but “makeup artist

  The Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania is one of the oldest rivers in the world and twice as old as the Atlantic Ocean; The banks of the Susquehanna have some of the oldest prehistoric petrogylphs

If the pleasures of reading are not too far removed from the pleasures of life, becoming a good reader is akin to learning to  live well  

Orwell and Churchill were, on the surface, quite different. But they shared a commitment to observing accurately the world around them  

Colombia Celebrates World Laziness Day teleSUR

IRS Now Has a Tool to Unmask Bitcoin Tax Cheats Daily Beast. Chuck L: “Are prosecution futures about to come into the present?”

“I believe every artist had someone who told them that they weren’t worth dirt and someone who told them that they were the second coming of the baby Jesus, and they believed ‘em both' ... that’s the fuel that starts the fire.” said Bruce Springsteen