Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tale of Two Sydney Women

Katherine McKernan, chief executive of Homelessness NSW, said authorities were aware of rough sleepers in the Hornsby bush as well as a swelling group along the Hawkesbury River.  "There's a large demand on crisis services and they are full," Ms McKernan said. "There's nowhere for people to be taken in."
Nameless Homeless women living in the age Fiscal Famine

Bronwyn Bishop spent more than $300,000 of taxpayers' dollars on overseas travel in her first year as federal Speaker, culminating in a $90,000 European trip partly aimed at securing her a plum new job abroad.
Bronwyn Bishop Living in the Age of Entitlements

AFP to examine Bronwyn Bishop's Travel matters

Q and A recap choppergate

Love affair with charter flights began nearly two decades ago

BB defiant despite more charter flights adding to expenses row

“All one winter afternoon
he chanted in Breton French the coarse poems of Tristan Corbière,
his voice reaching into unforeseen sweetness, both hands
rising toward the ceiling, the tears held back so long
still held back, for he was dying and he was ready.”
~ Corbière was born on on 18 July in 1845, and died March 1, 1875 at age twenty-nine.

Rich worry about islamic state Poor fear climate change

Groening did not kill anyone himself but, by sorting bank notes taken from trainloads of Jews arriving at the Auschwitz camp, he helped support the regime responsible for mass murder, prosecutors argued.
Bookkeeper of Auschwitz found guilty

The teenage son of musician Nick Cave has died after falling from the top of chalk cliffs at Brighton.
Arthur Cave, 15, was airlifted to hospital on Tuesday evening after walkers found him on the coastal path at the foot of the Ovingdean Gap, 60ft below the clifftop. Members of the public attempted to give him first aid.

Nick Cave and his sons Arthur and Earl arrive at the Hobbit premiere in London in December 2012.
 Nick Cave and his sons Arthur and Earl arrive at the Hobbit premiere in London in December 2012. Photograph: infuklo-108/