Monday, July 27, 2015

Science, Demokracy and Crime: Privatising Profit and Socialising Losses

Bitcoin and space travel are two of the fastest-growing areas of venture-capital funding Quartz “Two of the industries most historically owned by the government.”

I have yet to hear anyone who supports the spending by Bronwyn Bishop of $5,000 in taxpayers’ money for a helicopter ride from Melbourne to Geelong for a Liberal Party fundraiser. It is surprising however that, as a member of parliament, she attracts so much attention for this relatively small misuse of public money, but little mention is made of large scale indulgences of companies that provide private travel, yachts, holidays and entertainment for senior executives at the expense of the taxpayer..
But the real issue at the moment is the damage that Bronwyn Bishop has been doing to our parliament and the lack of trust we all have in our members of parliament. She is a biased and partisan class warrior and quite unsuited to uphold and advance the dignity of parliament. In the current parliament up to February this year she had ejected 309 MPs of whom 304 were from the Labor Party. That bias is intolerable Pearls of Wisdom

Financially, has any human being, let alone a librarian as Jeff, in history had as good an hour as Jeff Bezos just had? His paper gain after-hours on at $7.25 billion ...
The Triumph of Shared Economies...

Survey shows growing U.S. shortage of skilled labor Reuters. That says firms are not willing to pay enough and/or are not willing to train (as in are specifying job requirements very narrowly)

Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship New York Time

A drone firing a gun: so this is what all the regulation is about The Stack

No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures: Tel Aviv University researcher finds non-psychotropic compound in marijuana can help heal bone fissures ScienceDaily

International report confirms: 2014 was Earth’s warmest year on record NOAA

Gorgeous glass sculptures let you see into the world’s most deadly viruses The Verge

Documents Published by WikiLeaks Reveal the NSA’s Corporate Priorities Truthout

How to Speak Foreign Policy Like a Beltway Native Foreign Policy.

Sex likely developed as a cellular survival strategy, possibly due to oxidative stress caused by mitochondria.