Sunday, July 19, 2015

Companies are communities.

Companies are communities. There's a spirit of working together. Communities are not a place where a few people allow themselves to be singled out as solely responsible for success
- Henry Mintzberg

Under this co-operative "self-build" model, a group of people – often connected through an architect – pool their funds to buy land, then work together to design and build their own apartment block. Addressing community housing affordability in German style
Debbie Hastings, who has worked at  the Australian Taxation Office for 30 years, says the ATO is working on improvements to its dispute resolution processes.

Debbie Hastings, who has worked at the Australian Taxation Office for 30 years, says the ATO is working on improvements to its dispute resolution processes
Ms Hastings hopes that in time everyone understands that things are changing. "We are putting the taxpayer at the centre of everything we do," she says. "But it's a journey; cultural change. The blueprint that's being released today won't happen tomorrow …We've got to keep going."  Disputes resolution more cordial
Survey shows growing U.S. shortage of skilled labor Reuters. That says firms are not willing to pay enough and/or are not willing to train (as in are specifying job requirements very narrowly).
Mr Baird argues the case for the measure in an opinion piece in The Australian newspaper and in a video on social media dragons .... NSW Premier Mike Baird has proposed lifting the GST to 15 per cent to provide enough revenue to fund the national health system and prevent the federal-state financial system from "tumbling over a fiscal cliff". GST 15%

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and NSW Premier Mike Baird.

A man who worked as a fraud investigator for a telecommunications company has been arrested for alleged fraud and cash embezzlement during his employment. Telco fraud investigator arrested for fraud

Film scheme investors sue Ingenious and Coutts over tax trouble

Fraudster who swindled £750,000 from investors claiming he was making a £20million film with Jeremy Irons as part of tax dodge is ordered to pay back £500,000

How well do governments manage their wealth

In Behavioral Public Choice: The Behavioral Paradox of Government Policy, Gayer and Viscusi analyze several recent regulations, finding that many government actions are in fact also subject to bias.  Regulatory agencies have recently relied upon behavioral economics, a relatively new economics field, which identifies cognitive limitations and psychological biases that lead people to make choices that cause self-harm, thus suggesting a justification for government intervention.  However, Gayer and Viscusi develop an framework of “behavioral public choice” that recognizes that government officials are also subject to behavioral anomalies and to public choice incentives that can further lead to welfare-reducing or harmful policies. They document several government policies that institutionalize rather than overcome behavioral biases, as well as regulations that justify inefficient mandates “based on weak or nonexistent evidence of consumer irrationality.”

Small businesses are being hit up for 60% of the Australian Tax Office’s $20 billion debt recovery, a review into debt collection reveals.
The Inspector-General of Taxation, Ali Noroozi, today released the report of his review into Debt Collection by the Australian Taxation Office  

Sorry, but the jobless future isn’t a Luddite fallacy. We need to be ready.Vivek Wadhwa (David L)