Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sydney Soil Sickness

It’s been a tough week for the speaker of the house, Bronwyn Bishop. She has been place on probation by Prime Minister Tony Abbott after reports of her excessive use of travel entitlements at the expense of the tax payer, and now she’s getting attacked for her Facebook cover aerial photo of North Sydney.

Professor Bailes is worried aliens might be more like the Independence Day kind rather th

Sydney median house prices have hit $1m for the first time, according to the latest Domain Group House Price report. The report revealed median house prices in Sydney are $1,000,616, rising 22.9% in just 12 months.
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The report touted it as Sydney delivering the “unthinkable” and having “emerged as a significant player in the international property market” but there are concerns about a worsening housing affordability crisis.

The ABC Shops have been an important part of the ABC’s relationship with its audiences for the past 35 years. However, cost of leases have gone up through the roof and now the brick and mortar shops are closing.  The joiy of virtual world are embraced by selected superficial Sydney folks who lnow the prize of everything but value of nothing  ...Read more at The Herald Sun

Foreign criminals push up London house prices FT. What, in London?

New South Wales’ Premier Mike Baird has dobbed himself into police, after a highway patrol officer let him off with a warning for a driving fine in Sydney's surburb of Curl Curl. Mr Baird was stopped for performing an illegal U-turn while not wearing a seat belt, but a young highway patrol officer let the Premier leave with only a warning, News Corp reported.

CODA: The Mudgeeraba Holiday Village is selling up three months after shocking living conditions at the park were exposed, the Gold Coast Bulletinreports.

Indian markets in everything: Andhra Pradesh pays beggars to stay away from festival.  Many are trying to claim the benefit, but verification of beggar status is required.