Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cybercrime: A Magna Carta Moment

The establishment of the rule of law by the Magna Carta in 1215 by King Identity ThiefJohn of England, the 800th anniversary of which was being celebrated in June (czech out the rare volume in Canberra Parliament House as it is priceless version) This has formed the basis of the common law tradition . Still I was on the parliamentary encironment and sometimes is best not to unearth how the laws or sausages are really made ...

Analysis of the leaked emails by iTnewsreveals a number of agencies - including ASIO, IBAC and two local police forces - were also interested in the company's spyware.
On Monday, attackers took over Hacking Team’s Twitter account to reveal they had managed to get into the internal systems of one of the world's most notorious providers of offensive information technology to governments.
More Antipodean agencies seek Media Dragon Softwares: Preventing Cybercrime

In this speech, Malcolm Turnbull talks about balancing security and individual liberty.
Magna Carta circa MMXV

Winning The War: The Evolution Of Cybercrime

It's no longer acceptable for businesses to play the victim when cybercrime strikes. Companies of all sizes must take action. Cyber Battles: Winning the war

This brief discussion paper is intended to advance thinking and action around civil society engagement with the data revolution. It looks beyond the disclosure of existing information, towards more ambitious and substantive forms of democratic engagement with data infrastructures.
Democratising Data Revolution

Life as a human being is not possible without freedom to breath, to eat, to move, to speak, to cohabit. The lack of these freedoms spells death. Human flourishing, though, is not possible without further freedom - the freedom to choose, to disagree, to create, and to trade. These are the cornerstones of modern liberal civilisation

The election of an Australian Labor Government in Australia in 2007 saw 'social inclusion' emerge as the official and overarching social policy agenda. Being 'included' was subsequently defined by the ALP Government as being able to 'have the resources, opportunities and capabilities needed to learn, work, engage and have a voice'.Old Wine New Bottles