Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Bill Shorten Shirtfronting Toe Knee But ...

A defiant Bill Shorten has dared Tony Abbott to "bring it on" and fight Labor head-to-head over worker's rights, declaring he "relishes" the chance to front the trade union royal commission on Wednesday and "talk about what I believe to be every Australian's right – a good, safe job with proper pay and conditions".
Defiant Bill Shorten

Old mate and Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten just wanted to go down the pub for a cupla quiet ones on Sunday arvo, so he headed towards the Covent Gardens pub in Sydney A Passionate Impromptu Speech

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has given a passionate speech about Labor values to a Sydney pub crowd. Mr Shorten is set to appear before the unions royal commission in Sydney on Wednesday to answer questions about his role as an Australian Workers Union boss. In the video posted on YouTubeMr Shorten outlines to noisy patrons at Sydney's Covent Garden Hotel on Sunday night his vision for a country where "people can organise to have a strong minimum wage and will not be subject to a royal commission".
Shorten gives pub speech ALP values

Shorten was commenting after The Australian Financial Review reported that when Parliament resumes next month, the government, as a priority, will put to the Senate two bills. If rejected, one would immediately qualify as a trigger for a double dissolution and give the government the option of going early.

Bill Shorten Failed To Disclose He as Opposition Leader, Royal Commission Finds Powers of the Royal Commission

Royal Commissions are not for political retribution and using them as such is inherently dangerous. In light of the Ashby affair, the Abbott Government should be treading more carefully 
Not so royal commissions 
This did not end well.
This did not end well ... Royal Bull looking At the not so royal government ...
Bill Shorten gets party support for handling of royal commission amid claims of widespread irregular reporting

Short answers are not for Shorten as he has few stories to tell ...
Shorten debuts at Trade Union witch hunt royal commission

John Howard on political Royal Commissions.

Last September John Howard said
‘I am uneasy about the idea of having Royal Commissions or enquiries into essentially a political decision. … I don’t think you should ever begin to go down the American path of using the law for narrow targeted political purposes. I think the special prosecutions in the US are appalling.’
See link below to John Howard’s comments.   John Menadue

New South Wales National's Senator John 'Wacka' Williams told IOOF that he found the evidence from the whistleblower convincing.
"The evidence we've received is lucid, it appears quite credible. A lot of the contentions which are made in rebuttal to the whistleblower seem somewhat hollow this morning," Senator Williams said.
IOOF Faces Senate grilling over financial misconduct

In regards to Mr Youds' suspected insider trade, Mr Kelaher said: "It was resolved that it was in fact at best a breach of Chinese Wall arrangements." Internal emails show Mr Youds received a first and final warning and was requested to donate the profit he made from the transaction to a charity of the company's choice.
IOOF Boss admits company never reported suspected insider trading to ASIC