Sunday, July 05, 2015

Stress less life (Cemetery is the Only place with no stress)

Cat lovers rejoice: watching online videos lowers stress and makes you happy
Watching cute cat videos and looking at their online pictures may not be a waste of time. A new study has found doing so could boost energy levels and increase feelings of happiness.

Siemens -According to a joint study conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants and Computacenter, 30 percent of work is already being performed not in the workplace but at home, during business trips or in co-working spaces — the term used for office space that can be rented by the hour.
Workplaces without Walls

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How to get people to willingly cough up their contact information

Could Creating A New Class Of Worker Solve The Sharing Economy's Labor Problems?
FastCoExist This week, a California Labor commissioner found that one of Uber's drivers was an employee of the company and not an independent contractor. This is just the latest, and most high-profile, of a series of cases about the workers in the new sharing economy, and what rights and protections companies like Uber, Lyft, and others must give them. But the whole argument is premised on government rules that divide all workers into just two broad categories—a system that the actual economy may have long since passed by.

Max Brod was a middling, if prolific, writer. He was also, of course, a closefriend of Kafka. Together they explored museums, theaters – and brothels...Kafka Imrich exploring Plaha

Americans Are Delaying Major Life Events Because of Money Worries New York Times. Yeah, like getting my teeth fixed!
A World Without Work The Atlantic