Friday, July 10, 2015

Ethics: Being human is a market failure

Being human is a market failure
The IEA writes, “the energy savings identified in the Efficient World Scenario will not happen if market actors are left to their own devices” (IEA WEO 2012 chapter 10). To enable a change they  mention six issues to put full focus on the energy efficiency.

Planetary Defense is a Public Good Marginal Revolution (reslic). More proof that economists need to get out more. Species loss is a vastly higher and rapidly escalating risk to humans than The Asteroid. See how long we last with no bees, for instance.

“Our job is to redistribute wealth back into the hands of working families.”
In Front of 10,000 in Madison, Bernie Sanders Calls for Wealth Redistribution 

The urgency of fixing income disparities around the world
 Inequality Is Enemy No. 1

“There are idiots. Look around." So began a famous economics paper by Larry Summers, who was a lauded academic before he became US Treasury secretary. It is perhaps the most concise expression of behavioural economics.
Accounting Professor Who Specialized in Ethics Cheated on Lots of His Papers (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern). I wonder if this is the inventor of the take-home ethics exam.

Life at Deloitte Includes Slow Days (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern).

Robert Wood, Record 27 Years Prison For Tax Fraud, Beating Tax Fraud Queen’s 21 Years. The guy allegedly collected 7,000 Social Security numbers and scammed $1.8 in stolen refunds. Considering the hassle he created for the rightful holders of those numbers, that sounds about right.

NAO challenges government on diversity
Accountancy Live, 26/6/15. HMRC, the Treasury and the accountancy profession are coming under pressure to provide more detailed analysis of their efforts to widen diversity and social mobility, with the latest salvo from the National Audit Office (NAO), which is arguing that the government’s departments lack the information needed to ensure they are valuing and maximising the contribution of all staff and candidates and so risk missing out on the business benefits of an inclusive workforce.
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Equality, diversity, and inclusion in the civil service