Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Old People like Media Dragons Are Cool

My friends are not senior citizens, they are recycled teenagers ... (via 'Rie)

Old painters are the coolest human beings on this earth ... “It’s only when we look with eyes of love that we see as the painter sees,” Henry Miller wrote in his forgotten 1968 gem To Paint Is to Love Again. Drawing, indeed, transforms the secret passageway between the eye and the heart into a two-way street — while we are wired to miss the vast majority of what goes on around us, learning to draw rewires us to see the world differently, to love it more intimately by attending to and coming to cherish its previously invisible details. This, perhaps, is why beloved artist Lynda Barryteaches visual storytelling as the infinitely rewarding art of “being present and seeing what’s there.”

“He made the books and he died.”
By the time 64-year-old William Faulkner took his last breath on July 6, 1962, he had been a little-known Jazz Age artist, a world-famous sage of literature, the author of an obscure children’s book with a curious back-story, the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes, and a Nobel laureate whose prize acceptance speech is itself a supreme work of art.
Perhaps because of this prolific and diverse body of work, or perhaps because he was as deliberate about how he lived his life, Faulkner was remarkably deliberate about how he would be remembered after his death.
H R Block welcomes ageing workforce

Youth is no longer cool—or at least its hold on cool has weakened. How did that happen? Perhaps we can trace it back to 2012, when American Apparel, a brand that typically prefers a barely legal aesthetitc, chose as its new face Jacky O’Shaughnessy, an “advanced” model in her 60s discovered on a stoop smoking a cigarette. (Her discoverer, the label’s creative director, dubbed her “regal.”) After that, everyone wanted in: The Olsen twins, who became famous as infants and now run several fashion lines, chose to focus one of their 2014 look books on “something a bit different,” Elle coyly noted, meaning the style icon Linda Rodin, age 65. Marc Jacobs adopted Jessica Lange, then 64, and Nars scooped up the actress Charlotte Rampling, who was 68.
Old People Are Cool

BBC Future: There are a handful of people left on Earth who have been alive in three separate centuries, says Rachel Nuwer. What can they – and those of a similarly extreme age – teach us?
  • “Doug Boyd, director of the Louie B Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries – That’s why Boyd is digitising his entire collection of oral histories, with 9,400-plus recordings into a searchable, freely available database. Instead of 500 people accessing the collection each year, now users top 8,000 per month. As those stories make their way into high school classrooms, podcasts and social media, they could start to shape the way we think about history – and the lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience held within older people. “I really do think that a more informed, dynamic public memory is going to emerge as we start to see the walls of oral history archives coming down,” Boyd says. “The recorded human voice telling stories and grappling with life’s questions firsthand will take on an ever increasing cultural value.” There are a handful of people left on Earth who have been alive in three separate centuries, says Rachel Nuwer. What can they – and those of a similarly extreme age – teach us? Wisdom of the aged captured in online searchable archive
Looking around at a 20th high school reunion, you might notice something puzzling about your classmates. Although they were all born within months of each other, these 38-year-olds appear to be ageing at different rates. Growing older not just a matter of age

Anka Semankova slowed down aging process

Kofi, Coffee, is a supremely complex beast, containing more than 1000 chemical compounds. As well as caffeine, these include a wide range of antioxidants, proteins, fats, minerals, and a class of aromatic geegaws called pyridines.
Coffee the new Miracle Drug

Firing Old Hiring Young....

CODA: Last but not least ... Retirement actually seems to make people happier.