Monday, November 06, 2023

Taylor Swift Headed to This Law School, in Theory:

  Taylor Swift Headed to This Law School, in Theory:

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 3When law professor Sean Kammer's friends told him they were skeptical about the seriousness of his upcoming course focused on Taylor Swift at the University of South Dakota, it was his chance to do what any Swiftie would do: Shake it off.

“I understand this sounds ridiculous, at least at first glance,” said Kammer, a self-avowed Swiftie. “But it’s not.”

Kammer's course, The Taylor Swift Effect, planned for the spring semester looks to be the first law school class based on the sequined musical icon.

The South Dakotan Lawyer, New Class Focused on Taylor Swift Encourages Students to Take Unique Approach to Studying Law:

The “Taylor Swift Effect” has taken the world by storm and has even made its way into the college classroom. This spring semester, students at the University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law will be able to take a course focused on Taylor Swift that will encourage them to think about the legal environment from a new perspective.

In a new course offered by Professor Sean Kammer, J.D., Ph.D., students at the state’s premier law school will have the opportunity to learn about a pop music icon and how her life, legacy in the music industry and impact on culture intertwine with the law.

“The basic idea is to use a topic about which students are already quite passionate about to help them interrogate the law in ways they probably wouldn’t otherwise do in law school,” said Kammer. “The course will also help them understand that their experiences and passions not typically associated with the law can, and do, inform the way they approach the law. Who they are matters, essentially.”

Kammer was inspired to create this course after several interactions with students who are avowed “Swifties,” as well as his personal experiences with Swift and her music, specifically his experience attending her Eras Tour in Minneapolis. “The vibes are just so positive, and they got me to thinking whether there were lessons for law as it comes to the fostering of a healthy, vibrant and supportive community,” he said.