Monday, November 27, 2023

Discriminatory Taxes And Congress: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Discriminatory Taxes And Congress: Do As I Say, Not As I Do


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Two men have pleaded guilty to participating in a transnational tax fraud scheme, in which members of a group of four hacked into computer servers of businesses in the United States, stole personal information of U.S. citizens, and requested income tax refunds.

Tax FormU.S. taxpayers are vulnerable to fraud schemes where their personal information is compromised. (Photo: PxHereLicense)Adetunji Adejumo and Ibrahim Jinadu were arrested in September 2021 in the U.S., while two other members of the group were apprehended in the United Kingdom. However, this week’s statement from the Florida Attorney's Officementioned only three suspects: Adejumo, Jinadu, and one of the London operatives, Olufemi Odedeyi, whose extradition is pending.

New tool tracks disinformation laws globally

ijnet: “Amid the rise in disinformation today, journalists should look into legal measures adopted by countries around the world to combat it. Brazil’s Agência Lupa is helping reporters do just that, this month launching an interactive map showing national and supranational laws globally intended to legislate disinformation online. The tool, called LupaMundi, provides details about the legislation while helping users better understand the nature of the laws and how they could be used against journalists. “We need to learn from the work people are doing across the world,” said Natália Leal, executive director of Agência Lupa, during a recent ICFJ Global Crisis Reporting Forumsession on tracking disinformation laws globally. “Lupa is focused on Brazil, but if you don’t look to other experiences [around the globe], it is impossible to have new answers for the same questions.” Joining Leal to discuss LupaMundi was her colleague, Agência Lupa product analyst Flávia Campuzano. Here’s more from their discussion..”

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