Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Millions of Old Bitcoin Wallets Have Critical Security Flaws, Experts Say

 I'm a landlord who owns 81 homes. These are the five rules I always follow when buying property... and why you need to get into the market now

Eddie Dilleen, who hails from the working-class suburb of Mount Druitt in Sydney's west, owns 81 properties worth a total of about $50million.

Tax secrets of the most profitable private companies Private companies are doing fascinating and curious

This whole thing is becoming kafkaesque. Sounding less like accounting firms and more like very sophisticated mobsters in bed with ASIC and encouraged and supported by the Morrison Government.

Based in Singapore, First Resources both produces palm oil on its own Indonesian plantations and buys it from other manufacturers to sell on international markets. FAP Agri is among the company’s suppliers.

I knew from the beginning — it’s all First Resources.

Icij on Palm Oil Singapore connections

Millions of Old Bitcoin Wallets Have Critical Security Flaws, Experts Say Gizmodo. One of the nice things about paper money is that no programmers were involved in its creation, so it’s not buggy.


Digital Watch

A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the CraftThe New Yorker. AI would be good at writing code, because code is the ultimately stereotypical form of language (unless you’re a Donald Knuth). Still, this doesn’t bode well for many fields, since many credentials are granted based on the mastery of stereotypical language, particularly for “classification struggles” (e.g., PMC gatekeeping).

Four Lessons From History, So We Don’t Have to Repeat It Douglad Lamont

A Grocery Chain Just Fired Its Self-CheckoutsNew York Times 


The End of Milton Friedman’s Reign New Republic (furzy). I wish. A lot of readers still seem to see him as gospel. 


Sweden’s schools minister declares free school ‘system failure’ Guardian