Wednesday, November 01, 2023

One Life


  • Born on 1 November 1967 Tina Arena, Australian pop singer and songwriter ("Don't Ask"), born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • A day to remember for T and K and especially 4kg A

My children used to spend lots of time at the McKell Park and tonight we stopped for a picnic 🧺  before we watched an amazing story at the British Film Festival called One Life 

We received the memorable news while we were at the movies 🍿 🎥 

How amazing to watch ”One Life” which features “That’s Life”

In favourable conditions such as McKell Park Kookaburras can live for more than 20 years and have the same partner for life. 

Curiosity can take many forms; the joy and importance of history is that it so often provides a spark to feed a student’s intrigue – a key to learning. But if you want a more tangible reason ask the CEO of Dell, Michael Dell, who when asked which trait would most help CEOs succeed, responded, “I would place my bet on curiosity.”

As the world increasingly appears more and more complex, curiosity will play an invaluable role in making sense of a senseless world. The Harvard Business Review claimed that curiosity is even as important as intelligence.