Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Do not be afraid of multinational vinegar

 “Men are like wine-some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

~ Andrej Imrich “Do not be afraid of vinegar” -quoting Pope Jan Pavol II 

The list of things certain ruthless public servants  consider reasonably suspicious could fill a decent-sized book. Pretty much anything any little people  do or say when being interviewed by some public servants  is usually deemed to be indicative of illegal activity. However …

World’s biggest scam – billionaires, multinationals tax dodging – can’t be fixed by talkfests

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Normalcy Fugitive. The deck: “The rich know it. You should, too.” Compiles lie, after lie, after lie… A must-read.

Face masks ward off covid-19, so why are we still arguing about it? NewScientist. Good wrapup

Members of Alleged Singapore Money Laundering Syndicate Bought London Properties Worth $56M


When Newsweek claimed that “We Are All Socialists Now,” evidently they were using East Germany as their model.

LESLIE EASTMAN:  Objectively Assessing Whether Our Colleges Have Gone Mad: If so, there there are signs that the madness does not have to be permanent

Bro Culture in the C-Suite (Redux)”: Investigative reporter (and dear pal Susan Antilla, a prize-winning journalist) published a marvelous series in The Insiderproving what we all knew: “Bro” Boys are More Often Than Not Scum.

GREAT MOMENTS IN SOVIET PSYCHIATRY George Street like logic the logic in the article’s page, and a screenshot, in case there’s eventually Soviet-style airbrushing

AS TAIBBI, WEISS & CO HAVE PROVEN, ‘ONLINE VINEGAR GIANTS’ HAVE LONG SINCE BETRAYED US:  Information Wants To Be Free, Even as Online Giants Like YouTube Ramp Up Their War on Ad Blockers.

 Inspector General Warns $100 Million in Aid for Gaza, West Bank Is at ‘High Risk’ of Terrorist Seizure.

  Foreign investment in China turns negative for first time.

FDI came to minus $11.8 billion, with more withdrawals and downsizing than new investments for factory construction and other purposes. This marked the first negative figure in data going back to 1998.

Foreign investment had remained sluggish after falling sharply in the April-June quarter of 2022, when the Chinese economy was in turmoil from the zero-COVID lockdown in Shanghai.

In a September survey of member companies by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, nearly half of respondents said they would not invest in China at all in 2023 or invest less than in 2022.

One-party totalitarian dictatorships be it Soviet or Chinese are poor investment environments in a long run

  The Supreme Court is set to determine whether Congress, for the purposes of taxation, may classify unrealized capital gains as “income.”

Double Standards at Princeton: The university’s professors defend free speech for people they like and shout down people they don’t.

Hacker Attempts to Sell 23andMe’s Stolen Data on Ashkenazi Jews.

JOEL KOTKIN:  Is the West ready for World War 3? Even as geopolitical tensions rise, Western elites are still sabotaging our industries and energy security.

It’s almost as if those “elites” are on the payroll of our enemies

OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY: Power Corrupts but Sunlight Disinfects.

What integration?

Western Integration I: Young Westernized Middle Eastern Girl in France Mocks the Murder of an Israeli Baby in an Oven (VIDEO).

 Palestinian Media Darling Ahed Tamimi: “What Hitler did to you was nothing. We will drink your blood and eat your skulls.”.

Men less likely than women to share negative information, says study.

IF THERE’S SOMETHIN’ STRANGE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? WHO YOU GONNA CALL?  NYC’s green slime spotted bubbling up from underground — the surprising source revealed.