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Use Bohemiansky cunning NexusXplore - Czech Defense Minister: ‘Let’s Get Out’ of Pro-Hamas UN

Czech Defense Minister: ‘Let’s Get Out’ of Pro-Hamas UN

Jana Černochová · @jana_cernochova.  

Whether for personnel vetting, privacy exposure, leads resolution or threat actor identification, NexusXplore can quickly identify individuals of interest based on minimal seed information. Run Person Identifier searches to track down leads and build out a comprehensive profile within minutes containing:

  • Names, aliases, phone numbers, emails, and usernames

  • Social media account identification from 600+ platforms and content extraction

  • Visual analysis of online associates, key influencers, and central network nodes

  • Pattern-of-life reporting including hobbies, interests, movements and vulnerabilities

  • Historic and current employment history, and professional networks

Use NexusXplore to answer the “who”, so you can assess the “why”.

People Search Data Brokers, Stalking, and ‘Publicly Available Information’ Carve-Outs

LawFare: “…In the debate about data privacy and harms to Americans, however, one issue has not received adequate attention by the press or in policy conversations relative to the severity and volume of harm: the link between publicly available information and stalking and gendered violence.

 For decades, “people search” data brokers have compiled profiles on millions of people—including their family members, contact information, and home addresses—and published them online for search and sale. It could cost as low as $0.95 per record—or $3.40/search, for a monthly fee—to buy one of these dossiers. In turn, for decades, abusive individuals have bought this data and used it to hunt down and stalk, harass, intimidate, assault, and even murder other people. 

The harms of stalking and gendered violence fall predominantly on women as well as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  This matters for the privacy debate because many so-called people search websites get this data by scraping public records, from voting registries to property filings. Yet this information is completely exempted from many state privacy laws because it is considered “publicly available information.” One prominent line of argument suggests that since the information is already out there, a company that aggregates it, digitizes it, and links it to profiles of specific individuals makes no difference.

This piece analyzes the links between people search data brokers, stalking and gendered violence, and public records. It also analyzes the state privacy law exemptions and other gaps that permit companies to scrape and use information from those records. I argue that the debate surrounding people search websites and data brokers manifests as a clash between two seemingly irreconcilable perspectives: that the only way to better protect people is to have this information entirely removed from the internet, and that removing any of this information from the internet is unthinkable given it is already published and that government records should be accessible to journalists, civil society watchdogs, and other stakeholders. This binary framing must be resisted. The way forward in this debate is for policymakers to recognize the importance of public records for press reporting and other functions while also dispensing with the myth that digitizing information, aggregating it, linking it to individuals, and selling it online does not somehow considerably change the risks posed to individuals and communities of people…”

Example: Enhancing Situational Awareness of Areas and Events

Use NexusXplore’s wide range of geolocational tools to perform social media fencing and mobile device mapping and gain real-time situational awareness on:

  • Civil unrest and threat indicators

  • Population migration

  • Key site reconnaissance

  • Unfolding domestic and offshore attacks

  • Geopolitical escalations

  • Conflict Zones

  • Natural disasters

Additionally, conduct area reconnaissance at the country, regional, local or site level, and create monitors to either identify threats in real-time or enable persistent collection over days, weeks, and months.

nexusxplore AI spy on steroids

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