Friday, August 26, 2016

Stop What You’re Doing and Update Your iPhone Right Now

 At the prices they are offering, a lot of bugs in their software are going undetected.  Yet the company has the funds to pay more, and you might think for Coasean reasons the value to Apple of maintaining the franchise is pretty high.  So why don’t they pay more?  Why are bug bounties failing for Apple? via Russell Brandom

A serious security breach was discovered on Apple's iOS this week that could leave your iPhone vulnerable to a remote jailbreak. Thursday afternoon Apple issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that includes a patch for the vulnerability. If you haven't already done so, you should install the new version immediately.
This is the first known remote jailbreak of a iPhone. According to researchers at Citizen Lab, it was discovered when human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor received a text message on his phone promising "new secrets" about detainees tortured in United Arab Emirates jails if he clicked on links included in the message. Mansoor, who has been targeted with spyware attacks twice before, became suspicious and sent the message to Citizen Lab.
Stop What You’re Doing and Update Your iPhone Right Now

The untold story behind Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign

The round pegs in the square holes

My friend told me via his iPhonr that  I have a face people do not like

I like this message from the Italian Kulure Minister's iPhone Sweet Eighteen:

I want to be 18 again! Thanks to a government initiative, all teen residents who reach that milestone this year will be given a “Cultural Bonus”—a cool €500 to spend on movies, books, theater and concert tickets, museums, and national parks, reports The Local
The oddities of life in a modern world… via Boonah Boy

Years ago if you saw someone standing and talking to themself you might have thought they were a bit mad.  The days when terms like ‘red-eye’ might just have been a sort of brightly coloured bird have gone and we have digital cameras with red eye reduction, red eye flights etc amongst a plethora of others.

If I said I had a blue tooth years ago I would have either just finished some lovely sweet or would need to go to the dentist, but now blue ‘teeth’ are as common as silicon chips.  In a digital world and age of Broadband internet, ADSL, Satellite and cable TV and, mobile phones its good to get somewhere remote like our place in the bush.

What is remote? These days you need them for everything from TVs computers, surround sound cinema systems, to even the garage door, but its never remote, you need it right there to use it, so its handy rather than remote!

Back at our home in the bush the only working phone (when it works) is connected to the house by copper line coming to the house. Mobiles don’t work because of the hills and valleys and we’re too far out to be cost effective users. Apparently the internet is so slow it’s quicker to send data by carrier pigeon (its been proven) and software upgrades can’t happen because the line drops out after the hours wait for downloads from the city to the bush.
The speed of life in the bush isn’t determined by Telstra, or the internet.

Now I reckon that when I see someone standing on a city street corner with something stuck in their ear, talking to someone you can’t see, they’re not mad, just plain crazy!

Liberal candidate for Sydney lord mayor Christine Forster confirmed her campaign manager Mitchell Price resigned on Thursday, two days after Fairfax Media revealed the young Liberal used a corporate credit card to purchase $13,800 of personal expenses while 
employed by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Mardi Gras Board seeks legal advice over Mitchell Ptice's misuse of charity funds

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Tim Cook’s appointment as permanent CEO at Apple — he was appointed CEO on August 24th, 2011. As a result, we’ll no doubt see quite a few retrospectives this week looking back over his time at Apple, and evaluating his tenure. As context for that analysis, I wanted to share some numbers about Apple in the quarter and year before he took over, and compare it with numbers for the quarter and year ending in June of this year. Not all the applicable data sets go back that far — Apple has changed its reporting segments in at least a couple of ways during this five year period, but we’ll mostly try to compare before and after as closely as possible.
Five Years of Tim Cook’s Apple in Charts

overnment Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool