Saturday, August 06, 2016

Rio Olympics: We Go to RIO ...

Rio de Janeiro will have the honour of being the first South American city to host an Olympic Games when Rio 2016 hits Brazil’s second largest city in August 2016. Around ze Rings

Ideology and the Olympics

On front pages around the world, let the games begin
That this will be my third Olympiad since I started the scribbles and my fifteenth in living memory

Beijing, London and now Rio and there's me a faithful Olympian since Rome 1960 ( Melbourne 1956 passed me by at the age of three)
Calling all Olympians...

Olympic Torch Bearer Denounces Brazil ‘Coup’ with His Buttocks teleSUR

Website of real MEdiaDragon note: Rather than suffering through broadcasters butchering the schedule, this Olympiad Australian sports fans can watch whatever they like live from Rio. ..

7 (Seven) Things From the Rio Opening Ceremony You Couldn’t See on TV ...

* Olympic scandal! Moroccan Olympic boxer arrested for sexual assault. [Huffington Post]

       A nice feature at the Literary Hub, where they have 20 Writers From Around the World on the Olympics. 
       Greatly varying levels of sports-enthusiasm and awareness/knowledge, but still quite interesting
The Washington Post will leverage artificial intelligence technology to report key information from the 2016 Rio Olympics, including results of medal events. “Heliograf,” which was developed in-house, automatically generates short multi-sentence updates for readers. These updates will appear in The Post’s live blog, on Twitter at @WPOlympicsbot, and are accessible via The Post’s Olympics skill on Alexa-enabled devices and The Post’s bot for Messenger.”

Unless you’ve bought an official sponsorship, for your business to so much as mention the upcoming Olympics on social media “can be like doing the 100-yard dash through a minefield.” The rules warn non-sponsors not to “create social media posts that are Olympic themed… or congratulate Olympic performance” even if you have sponsored individual hopefuls, wish luck, use phrases like “go for the gold” or “let the games begin,” report Olympic results, host Olympic-themed team-building exercises for your employees, or “share anything from official Olympics social media accounts. Even retweets are prohibited.” [AdWeek] -   An Incomplete List of Why Nobody Really Gives a Shit About the Olympics Anymore.

The Rio Games launched with a flamboyant spectacle headlined by supermodel Gisele Bundchen as a doom-laden Olympic build-up gave way to an energetic party atmosphere at the fabled Maracana stadium.

Marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro lit the cauldron after an exuberant show of Brazilian cultural touchstones and breathtaking pyrotechnics -- and a compulsory burst of samba.

Cordeiro was a left-field but touching choice after he was famously attacked by a spectator while leading the 2004 Athens Olympics marathon late in the race. This time around Australians won't just benefit from more free-to-air channels, we also have more ways to watch them.
All of Seven's live broadcasts will be streamed online for free – via its website, the iOS/Android mobile app and the PLUS7 app on Telstra TV and the 4th-gen Apple TV. So there's no need for Australians to sneak into foreign streaming services or tap into dodgy online feeds in order to watch the Olympics live when they're away from their television. Most impressive, you can tell the app which country you support to tweak your feed.

Opening ceremony live

So this is how it ended up. Pretty spectacular. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony live

Ledecky, Shattering Records and Winning Gold, Has Big Law Ties [Am Law Daily]

Am Law Daily, Law Bloggers sending a message for the Ledecky family: “We are proud to call David a Kirkland alum, and thrilled to see Katie continuing to win gold medals and break world records!”

:-) In the US, critics say that the white-blue-red striped t-shirt under a navy blazer designed by Ralph Lauren looks too much like the Russian flag. Facebook and Twitter have spread ironic comments such as this one: "I think we've missed the news that we're now Russians," wrote one user.

Three products that Rio is selling to keep everyone young :-)

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