Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blogger at 25 Dmitrij Panov Facing Life and Death ...

Writing moving account on dying from brain tumour: Writing in his first post  on 1 February 2016, he said: "Hello, my name is Dmitrij Panov and I'm going to die soon. It may sound strange, but that's how it is."

Dmitrij Panov a 25 year old German man has taken to live blogging his own imminent death after having been told he has a tumor in his brain. This after according to a report via Gemany vice having seemingly beaten the disease which first struck him in 2011, went into remission only to reappear suddenly once again in April, 2015.
In bare candid dialogue, Panov documents his body’s ongoing demise while perhaps hinting at his psychological resolve to not allow his illness to get one completely over him.
Wrote Dmitrij Panov matter of factly in one passage on his blog, Dying with SwagFebruary 1 after learning of his fate: ‘Hello, my name is Dmitrij Panov and I’m going to die soon. It may sound strange, but that’s how it is.’
From documenting bowel movements (or rather the complete lack of them in weeks), back and chest pains and being forced to eat through a straw, Panov, a former psychology major at Marburg, hopes to impart a meticulous account of his decay and the horrors of what one is forced to go through. 
Wrote Dmitrij Panov in what he described as his worst day:

‘Yesterday probably the most brutal, senseless, most painful, most tired day since the start of treatment … Really, purest fatigue.’