Monday, August 22, 2016

Lets Pray for Daily Donations

"That it's managed to secure control of media outlets here and to exercise the kind of propaganda bureau control within Australia that it took a revolution to establish in China."     ~ Our ABC

Breaking news: On his Facebook page, he wrote: "Note to self: when fetching a glass of water late at night, don't walk down the stairs in your socks with the lights out."
NSW premier Mike Baird fractures vertebrae falling downstairs...  (One commenter wrote: "Next: stairs banned in NSW.")

An ABC investigation of political donations from the past two years reveals Chinese businesses are by far the largest foreign-linked donors to both major parties.
Between 2013 and 2015 Chinese-linked companies and individual donors poured more than $5.5 million into Liberal and Labor party coffers.
Analysts say Chinese political donations are one way Beijing seeks to gain influence in Australia.
You can:
Australian Geoup strong ties to China political donations

SMH Chinese interests play an increasing role in Australian and political donations

In US meet Chinese couple who made millions of dollar donations for Jeb Bush

Why No One Trusts China’s Markets Bloomberg

Via the Sunlight Foundation and OpenGov Foundation: “Open Data Policies Decoded  provides the open data policies on one friendly website. Inline definitions, cross-references, bulk downloads, a modern API, and all of the niceties of modern website design. It’s like the expensive software lawyers use, but free and wonderful. This is a public beta test of Open Data Policies Decoded, which is to say that everything is under development. Things are funny looking, broken, and generally unreliable right now. This site is powered by  The State Decoded

CFA dispute: Michaelia Cash stumbles over claim of 'hostile union takeover'

'I am back!': Hanson hits Parliament House for Senate School  


Former KGB agent Vlado and ISIS cause Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks

Why Europe Can’t Find The Jihadis In Its Midst. Mitch Prothero reports how “A small, well-organized ISIS cell has been at work in the heart of Europe for years, recruiting criminals, exploiting freedom of movement, and evading counterterrorism efforts.”

Yale Law School grad J.D. Vance, author of the bestselling memoir  Hillbilly Elegy  (affiliate Cold River link), explains the appeal of Donald Trump to certain voters. [New York Times