Thursday, August 11, 2016

M.A.Orthofer: Fourteen years of the Literary Saloon

MEdia Dragons cannot imagine a world without Michael's stories ... it would be a bare online shelf without 


 Fourteen years of the Literary Saloon

       The complete review was started in 1999, and this Literary Saloon weblog added just over three years later; today marks the fourteenth anniversary of the first post.
       Fourteen years !
       Anyway, many thanks to the longtime (and new) readers -- hope you continue to enjoy the site, or find it useful, or at least invigoratingly aggravating.
       Cheers !
       (I daren't say: to fourteen more .....)

 In conjunction with my recent conversation with Tyler Cowen (watch and/or read), I also had the opportunity to go book-shopping with him -- on camera -- at the Strand bookstore, and you can now watch the (cut-down-to-manageable-size) video: How to Shop at the Strand (or any good bookstore) with Michael Orthofer & Tyler Cowen.
       (It was good fun, but needless to say, the allotted time was not nearly enough for me to really get in full book-seeking mode.) 

Imrich and Orthofer ;-)