Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our Four Corners 55th Anniversary - Future of Kommunist Mao andTerror

Four Corners celebrates 55 years on ABC TV.  We revisit highlights from over the years.
With a staff of six and a weekly budget of 480, Four Corners made its debut on Saturday the 19th of August, 1961. Recorded in Sydney, copies of the program were flown around the country for broadcast.
 By the 1970s Four Corners was a fixture on the television landscape, covering a decade of social and political upheaval; from the rise of feminism, the Aboriginal land rights movement, and the rise and fall of the Whitlam Government.
The 1980s saw big changes to Four Corners with a new format and timeslot. The show moved to Monday nights at 8.30pm, devoting 50 minutes to a single subject. A new musical theme was, still in use today, and a new host was appointed, Andrew Olle.
The 1990s brought new technology. Videotape replaced film, giving camera operators a greater ability to capture action in the field. Tape also changed the style of editing: a visual effect could now be achieved in seconds, instead of days.
2000s With the dawning of the 'information age' Four Corners led the way by expanding beyond forty-five minutes of television into the digital world, taking the program's content and research online.
Our Four Corners 55th Anniversary

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[A]fter taking power in 1949, Mao and his party perpetrated a political terror in which millions of “bad elements” were arrested and executed; millions more were sent to a system of forced labour and “re-education” camps; then forced collectivisation and irrational economic policies killed 45 million in a few short years. Yet the party’s response was to double down on repression and “socialist re-education”, in which millions were abused, tortured and coerced… Mao unleashed his Cultural Revolution to hunt down “monsters and demons"…

[T]he Communist Party in China has varied only between the systematically repressive and the truly monstrous. During the Cultural Revolution it was truly monstrous. Mao was inescapably responsible for the catastrophe… [T]ens of millions of people had their lives turned upside down and several million were killed or driven to suicide.
Concerts are to be held in Sydney and Melbourne town halls to honour Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, described in promotional material as “a hero in the eyes of people all over the world"… The events have been widely promoted in Chinese-language print media and radio to take place in Sydney on September 6 and Melbourne on September 9…

The concerts are sponsored by developer Peter Zhu, who came to Australia from China in 1989, and who last year also sponsored the Sydney Ode to Peace event to mark the 70th ­anniversary of the end of the war of Chinese resistance to Japanese invasion.
Worshippers of a genocidal dictator throw a party in Australia
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