Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Those who rely too heavily on dictionary definitions are doomed. Words are alive, and often connote far more than they are defined to mean. That's why we have so many different words, to eek out each connotation, and to differentiate. Calling military service slavery (unless done in a metaphorical tone) just gets people thinking you're odd. It's like vegetarians saying meat is murder. May wake people up, but turns them off just as fast.
-Vernon Imrich


Just as independent musicians have changed the face of music, independent authors will revolutionize the collective voice of America and the world.
Although most of the public is not aware of it, it is not a quiet revolution, and will affect tens of millions of people over the next generation. After about three centuries where the books that were published in the US were selected by a rather small number of people, the publishing industry has been thrown wide open.
Until now, a handful of major publishers, perhaps two dozen, dominated the general trade market, with perhaps another hundred or so smaller houses. That was it. If you didn't find a home with one of these, your book would probably never see the light of day.
No more.
Now, for a minimal investment, any author can get his or her epiphany in print. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the revolution is here.

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