Saturday, March 15, 2003

The more laws, the less justice. The more blogs the less chances of injustice going unnoticed!
-- Marcus Cicero - De Officiis (44 B.C.) (Misquoted byJozef Imrich)

Freedom is always in danger, and the majority of mankind will always acquiesce in its loss, unless a minority is willing to challenge the privileges of its few and the apathy of the masses.
-- R. H. Crossman, Editor, New Statesman (1952)

NewMedia Listen In on a Weblog of Real Jozef

AudioBLOGGER is a new service that lets webloggers post an audio clip to their blog from any phone. The story about it on MPR showcased a boy and his father who are posting audio dispatches to their blog as they travel across the country from California to Florida on their bicycles. You can see, or rather listen to, an example of an audioblog at Real Joe.
· Audio News [SiliconValley