Sunday, March 16, 2003

Modern political argument is much like a magic show. Even though you know that it's all tricks performed by misdirection and props, if you don't know exactly how it is done, you may have to look very hard to figure it out. One big difference is that modern magician's associations have a rule that the magician must NOT present his performance as real or due to supernatural powers, but as illusion. In politics, they are not that honest.
--Mike Huben

War & Peace Bush's Inflated Sense of Supremacy

Writing in the Financial Times, OSI Chairman George Soros argues that the Bush administration's disdain for international cooperation and legitimacy in the ongoing Iraq standoff is misguided strategically and economically.
Let us hope that if there is war, it will be swift and claim few lives. Removing Mr. Hussein is a good thing, yet the way Mr. Bush is going about it must be condemned. America must play a more constructive role if humanity is to make any progress.

· Midguided by Tricks [FinancialTimes]