Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Everyone loves his own country, customs, language, wife, children, not because they are the best in the world, but because they are his established property, and he loves in them himself, and the labor he has bestowed on them. The working of revolutions, therefore, misleads me no more; it is as necessary to our race as its waves to the stream, that it may not be a stagnant marsh. Ever renewed in its forms, the genius of humanity blossoms.
-- Johann Gottfried Von Herder - Philosophy of History (1774)

Consumers: Unbearable Selfishness of Queueing Capitalists & Communists: Common Infliction of Frustrated Queuers

Frustrated queuers are less likely to storm off if there is a large line of people behind them because they enjoy watching the less fortunate wait, a study has found.
A unique social system doling out justice, such as attitudes to queue jumpers, and comparisons (with the upwardly mobile thinking: I bet you all wish you were here where I am.

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