Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Any community with only one dominant power is a dangerous one and provokes reactions. That's why I favour a multipolar world, in which Europe has its place. Anyway, the world will not be unipolar. Over the next 50 years, China will become a global power and the world won't be the same. So it's time to start organising. Transatlantic solidarity will remain the basis of the world order, in which Europe has its role to play.
-French President Jacques Chirac in Time last month

It's when one nation becomes infinitely more powerful in relation to its potential competitor that the danger of war arises. I think it will be a safer world and a better world if we have a strong, healthy US, Europe, Soviet Union, China, Japan, each balancing each other, not playing one against the other, an even balance.
-US president Richard Nixon in Time on January 3, 1972

War & Peace War Without UN Backing Will Be a Supreme International Crime

Any member of a government backing an aggressive war will be open to prosecution
· Sarajevo [GuardianUK]