Thursday, March 21, 2019

We’re Trying To Teach People That Failure Is Just An Opportunity To Improve. But What If It Isn’t?

Everyone has a Cordova story, whether they like it or not.

Maybe your next-door neighbor found one of his movies in an old box in her attic and never entered a dark room alone again.  Or, your boyfriend bragged he’d discovered a contraband copy of At Night All Birds Are Black on the Internet and after watching, refused to speak of it, as if it were a horrific ordeal he’d barely survived.  

Whatever your opinion of Cordova, however obsessed with his work or indifferent—-he’s there to react against.  He’s a crevice, a black hole, an unspecified danger, a relentless outbreak of the unknown in our overexposed world.  He’s underground, looming unseen in the corners of the dark.  He’s down under the railway bridge in the cold river with all the missing evidence, and the answers that will never see the light of day. 

"The earth is made up entirely of protons, neutrons, electrons and morons"

“I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.”
Erin Van Vuren 

Why NSW election hinges on seats like Oatley, and people like Mosen - ABC News

Top 40 tax dodgers revealed - Late Night Live

One more article highlighting the need for greater transparency and greater distance between corporations and regulators 

To steal a line from the great Kris Kristofferson - co-regulation's just another word for regulatory capture and regulatory capture is all the government left me. (Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, and nothing is all the Bobby left me.)

Explosion at Chinese chemical plant kills 47, injures 640

An explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China has killed 47 people and injured more than 600, state media said, the latest casualties in a series of industrial accidents that has angered the public.

LAST CHANCE. SEE IT BEFORE IT SHRINKS… SAID THE BISHOP TO THE ACTRESS:  March 20 worm moon: How to see last supermoon of 2019 on spring equinox
  Government and opposition look forward to APS improvement, union wary - Sydney Morning Herald
Switching over to a four-day working week
The Guardian, 12 March 2019. There is mounting political interest in the idea that working less could deliver higher productivity and better balance between life and work. Companies in the UK & NZ have found that employees experience a range of benefits while some have reported higher productivity 

We’re Trying To Teach People That Failure Is Just An Opportunity To Improve. But What If It Isn’t?

According to the theory, if students believe that their ability is fixed, they will not want to do anything to reveal that, so a major focus of the growth mindset in schools is shifting students away from seeing failure as an indication of their ability, to seeing failure as a chance to improve that ability. As Jeff Howard notedalmost 30 years ago: ‘Smart is not something that you just are, smart is something that you can get.’ – Aeon

When you screw up royally: recovery strategies by Zoe Routh

He’s a myth, a monster, and a mortal man.”

Creepy horror director haunts Pessl's 'Night Film' 

Taking Laughter Seriously at the Supreme Court.   'Laughter Is a Blood Sport' at the Supreme Court, Scholars Say in ...

Jacobi, Tonja and Sag, Matthew, Taking Laughter  Seriously at the Supreme Court (March 9, 2019). Vanderbilt Law Review, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN:
“Laughter in Supreme Court oral arguments has been misunderstood, treated as either a lighthearted distraction from the Court’s serious work, or interpreted as an equalizing force in an otherwise hierarchical environment. Examining the more than 9000 instances of laughter witnessed at the Court since 1955, this Article shows that the justices of the Supreme Court use courtroom humor as a tool of advocacy and as a signal of their power and status.

How open is your government? Find out. : “Each state has its own laws about making documents, data and other records accessible to the public. There are also separate public records laws for the federal agencies, the District of Columbia, and territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. MuckRock tracks how states impose exemptions that allow them to withhold records; how quickly each state responds; and other factors affecting  government transparency. The data in this interactive database is drawn from MuckRock’s database and from work by Miranda Spivack, an independent journalist, who developed data on open government in collaboration with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, students at Marquette University’s Diederich College of Communication and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. View the original version of this visualization at the Journal Sentinel. Click on any jurisdiction to learn more about its laws, and let us know what data you’d like to see us start tracking or if you see something that needs updating…”
Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You? What Lawyers Should Know About Deepfake Videos

“Are rules that guard against forged or tampered evidence enough to prevent deepfake videos from making their way into court cases? …If you follow technology, it’s likely you’re in a panic over  deepfakes—altered videos that employ artificial intelligence and are nearly impossible to detect. Or else you’re over it already. For lawyers, a better course may lie somewhere in between. We asked Riana Pfefferkorn, associate director of surveillance and cybersecurity at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, to explain (sans the alarmist rhetoric) why deepfakes should probably be on your radar….”
The Recorder ( / paywall] via free access on Yahoo}

ATO closing the gap on multinational tax avoidance - report that a special tax avoidance taskforce run by the ATO has recouped more than $8b from foreign-owned multinationals

Negative gearing: Indian couple says tax break leads to "lazy" investment - article that the tax break may lead to "lazy" investment that could otherwise be used more productively in the economy
Chris Bowen explains his franking plan - article on the Labor's proposal to abolish cash refunds for franking credits