Saturday, March 02, 2019

Ranking All 52 Movies Nominated For An Oscar

Do We Write Differently on a Screen? | The New Yorker

Andy Warhol — Ai Weiwei | NGV

Ai Weiwei’s Segment For Anthology Film About Berlin Suppressed Out Of Fears Of Chinese Gov’t Reaction

“A contribution by the Chinese artist, film-maker and activist Ai Weiwei to a film called Berlin, I Love You, was cut by the producers on concern it could block the movie from getting distribution in China and create difficulties for them with the Chinese authorities.” –The Art Newspaper

On display at the KGB Museum: a single-shot lipstick gun, suitcase phones, and other spy paraphernalia. Not shown: the Politics 

it’s a fake logo ... It is fake

Pitchfork, the once-insurgent, now-venerable music site known for provoking endless debates with its “Best Of” lists, has now weighed in with its list of The 50 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time.

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Artists may pooh-pooh the idea of being cool, but a few of them had it down pat. Consider Warhol’s catatonic effortlessness or Bukowski’s timeless advice: “Don’t try.”...  Do not Try 

Ranking All 52 Movies Nominated For An Oscar

Why not? From the 52nd – which, whew, sounds terrible – to a Marvel movie that “felt like a cog” to the top “thrilling and hilarious and sad and dishy” film, here’s everything nominated for anything this year. – Slate

Will AI Ever Be Artists? Be Creative? Produce Art? A Philosopher Argues No

“Human creative achievement, because of the way it is socially embedded, will not succumb to advances in artificial intelligence. To say otherwise is to misunderstand both what human beings are and what our creativity amounts to.” – MIT Technology Review

When Good People Do Bad (And Why)

You might wonder how people who seem so good by occupation could be so bad in private. The theory of moral licensing could help explain why: When humans are good, it says, we give  ourselves license to be bad. – Nautilus