Monday, March 25, 2019

OECD survey of 21 counties – many people unhappy with public services and benefits

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OECD survey of 21 counties – many people unhappy with public services and benefits 

“Many people in OECD countries believe public services and social benefits are inadequate and hard to reach. More than half say they do not receive their fair share of benefits given the taxes they pay, and two-thirds believe others get more than they deserve. Nearly three out of four people say they want their government to do more to protect their social and economic security. These are among the findings of a new OECD survey, “Risks that Matter”, which asked over 22,000 people aged 18 to 70 years old in 21 countries about their worries and concerns and how well they think their government helps them tackle social and economic risks.This nationally representative survey finds that falling ill and not being able to make ends meet are often at the top of people’s lists of immediate concerns. Making ends meet is a particularly common worry for those on low incomes and in countries that were hit hard by the financial crisis. Older people are most often worried about their health, while younger people are frequently concerned with securing adequate housing. When asked about the longer-term, across all countries, getting by in old age is the most commonly cited worry…

Learning from failure and success

Sacked executive turned Uber driver wins $1m payout

In a scathing decision the Federal Court found Cummins Group had really taken actions against an employee because he had exercised his workplace right to complain about a "hostile" regional HR manager. The case demonstrates a continuing trend where employers are heavily sanctioned where employees exercise their rights, & where employeers’ HR departments’ wilfully flout the letter & the spirit of the law.

Execs not deterred by corporate fines: ASIC's Daniel Crennan

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Behavioural Insights and Regulatory Practice: A Review of the ...

Everyone’s heard it all before, implementation is the challenge
APS REVIEW: There is not much new in the APS Review’s interim report, as chairman David Thodey freely admits. Senior public servants agree that making change happen will be the hard part.

We know WHAT we need to do. Will someone tell us HOW?
NICHOLAS GRUEN: Ways to improve the early, middle and late stages of institutional learning and change-making, to enable successful policy development.

The public service and caretaker government
GEOFF GALLOP: Elections are intensely emotional, and elevate temptation. During one, both sides try to extract all they can from the extra authority that comes their way.

Is your agency investing enough in digital workplace innovation?
PARTNER EBOOK: Innovation is not simply a nice-to-have, it is essential to remaining relevant and responding to citizen expectations. This free ebook offers unique insights and practical advice.

Leadership data reveals strategic thinking gap
The advantage of the 360 review as a development tool is that we can acknowledge our weaknesses and work to build more confident and adaptive leaders. (Partner article)

Entering a new era of citizen expectations
New technology offers new opportunities, but there are growing public concerns about privacy and security, and questions about ownership and appropriate use of personal information. Is open government still relevant? (Partner article)

Why high-performing teams are the most uncomfortable

Suzie McInerney, via LinkedIn
Leaders who strive to keep the peace and avoid conflict at all costs cannot build and nurture high-performing teams. A leadership style that permits and encourages tension within a diverse team has the potential to deliver big. 

Would you like to grow old at home? Why we’re struggling to meet demand for subsidised home care

The Conversation
Unlike aged care, access to many health care services is unlimited. But the number of home care packages available to older Australians is capped, and the frail elderly are asked to foot some of the bill.

'I don’t want to be the only non-white person in the room': ditch the halo mentality on diversity

Emran Mian, for Civil Service World 
Whitehall’s top tier needs to drop the halo mentality if it is to practise what it preaches and become more reflective of the nation as a whole.