Friday, March 08, 2019

Malchkeon Philosophy Lover

“Malchkeon, every now and then someone comes into your life and they turn it upside down in a good way, and you are that someone for me! You are my life and I wish you a very happy birthday.”

In poetry you can express almost inexpressible feelings. You can express the pain of loss, you can express love. People always turn to poetry when someone they love dies, when they fall in love.
 ~ Erica Jong

"Show me someone for whom success is less important than the manner in which it is achieved.
Of concern for the means, rather than the ends, of their actions.
I want to see him.
This is the person I have looked for a long time, the true genius."
- Epictetus

At Villa Matra - The Echinopsis cactus flower blooms overnight—and lasts only a day

pearl beach from
The area is home or a weekend retreat for many of Sydney's media personalities. Pearl Beach also features a popular Ocean Rock Pool perfect  ...

:“A dear and long standing friend of mine who just turned 80 taught me that our unique beauty is found in our imperfections, our opportunities to grow in our flaws, and our humanity and empathy in our vulnerabilities.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court, received two pieces of advice from her mother before she died at 47: to be a lady and to be independent.

The octogenarian has shaped a large number of laws relating to gender discrimination in that nation. The impact of these laws will be celebrated this International Women's Day 2019 along with the contribution of feminists around the world. Here in Australia this year we celebrate 125 years since South Australian women made history as the first in the world to not only vote like their New Zealand sisters, but also to run for Parliament. On Sunday, the All About Women festival at the Opera House will include a panel on "leading while female."

In this piece for The Guardian, Matthew Walker says that sleeping well is the best thing you can do for your health

Pallasmaa, in his The Eyes of the Skin, noted that touch is a key part of remembering and understanding, that “tactile sense connects us with time and tradition: through impressions of touch we shake the hands of countless generations”. Is this reach for the switch merely functional, then? A light switch can stick around for decades, as with the doorhandle. When you touch the switch, you are subconsciously sensing the presence of others who have done so before you, and all those yet to do so. You are also directly touching infrastructure, the network of cables twisting out from our houses, from the writhing wires under our fingertips to the thicker fibres of cables, like limbs wrapped around each other, out into the countryside, into the National Grid.

“We are excited to announce the finalists of the 16th Annual Photo Contest. This year, we received more than 48,000 submissions from photographers in 207 countries and territories. From dynamic portraits to breathtaking landscapes, these 60 images stood out to our photo editors as the most unique and memorable

OCLC publishes list of top 100 novels

OCLC, a leading library technology and research organization, has published The Library 100: Top Novels of All Time, a list of the novels most widely available in libraries today. The list is based on data in WorldCat, the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections. Produced and maintained by OCLC and individual member libraries and library organizations, WorldCat reflects the collections of more than 18,000 libraries worldwide. It includes information about more than 2.7 billion copies of more than 447 million titles. This aggregate worldwide library collection is likely the best view of the global scholarly and published record.
  • The full list, and more information about The Library 100 can be found at
  • …”Of course, the list of top novels emphasizes classics,” Prichard continued, “and so reflects dominant cultural views over the years about the canon and its formation. Librarians are aware of this and are more mindful than ever of the need to think critically about their collections. Librarians are actively seeking out and preserving overlooked, minority and marginalized perspectives.” (Read Prichard’s blog post at…