Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bob Carr ReZoning Point Piper

Bumping up our population by adding a million every 3½ years leaves most Australians cold.  They have nagging doubts about what is the world's biggest immigration program, the developed world's highest population growth.  One reason for public suspicion is that advocates of a Big Australia never come clean about the details – for infrastructure, for density, for a degraded environment...
Chris Johnson, the former Government Architect now with the Urban Taskforce, has drafted maps that show thick forests of towers around transport nodes like Hurstville or Parramatta.  He hopes the next step is an underground rail system linking them.  This is the kind of honesty I want. But two concerns open up:  first, we already have thick forests of residential towers. How much thicker might they be, at Chatswood or Strathfield for example, to accommodate a city of seven million?  And, second, what would be the time lag before the world's most extensive metro, an underground running from Bondi to Parramatta, gets installed?
Harry Triguboff is a sincere advocate of a Big Australia, probably none more.  In 2006 he suggested that Sydney's green areas should be opened up for development because there were too many forests and parks.  This vision of his elegant towers above the waters of Port Hacking or Pittwater was cheekily intended to provoke a premier proud of his parks....
Lets rezone Point Piper to fit the big Australia advocates like Harry Tribugoff long for

TaxGrrrl, On Pi Day, A Peek At Your Piece Of The National Tax Pie. “You can see your personalized taxpayer receipt by the dollars from the White House by plugging in the tax you paid in 2014 here.”
5. Are we dying of history?

According to the latest count, 44,000 people live on the streets in and around LA. The city’s sweep put some people back on the sidewalks and since then Summers has been handing out tents instead.
The Los Angeles war against tiny homes via the NPR feature.  Perhaps there is a way to recognize and regularize a greater number of these structures?

Not in my backyard or Kellogg... Who ***** into my Kelogg this morning.
According to The Guardian, the video was taken at a time when Kellogg’s and a workers union were involved in a labour dispute.

A giant sinkhole has opened up under the patio of a house in the UK, just metres from the back door. The sink hole is reported to be an astonishing 90 metres deep and a drone video captured by photographer Mark Thomas shows the depth of the alarming hole.