Monday, January 04, 2016

Why Life Goes Faster as You Grow Older: Odd Story About Teenagers in Sydney

Why Life Goes Faster as You Grow Older Alternet 

“There are street photographers who regularly make art of these sort of scenes,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “There are lots of different ways to photograph the same scene.”
Photo: Manchester Evening News.
How Is a Photograph of Drunken New Year's Eve Revelers Like a Renaissance Painting? 

How the Internet changed the way we read DailyDot ...For the worse, of course
"She terrorises us." That's how bad it is for Steve Richardson* and his wife when their 17-year-old daughter is at home. Olivia has dropped out of school and goes missing for days at a time. She's smoking pot and has been arrested for shoplifting. Tensions quickly escalate when she does return to the family home in Sydney's north west Entitled children are making their parents lives hell

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Insiders give their top predictions for 2016 Politico. Given that no one would have predicted Trump and Sanders would have gotten to their respective positions in the polls, I’m not sure how useful insider predictions are save re inside baseball.