Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rogue Waves at Royal Rock pool - Space Rock

The Holy Well is believed to be approximately 900 years old. Australia House was constructed one hundred years ago, during the First World War. Much of the material used in its construction was shipped over from Australia. The glorious marble interior appeared in the Harry Potter films as Gringotts, the wizards’ bank run by goblins. Australia house 900 year old spring well provides drinkable water

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Three people were lucky to escape with minor injuries after a rogue wave swept over a rock pool at Sydney's Royal National Park on Saturday afternoon.
Around 150 people were at the Figure 8 rock pool – a remote and picturesque formation accessible only by a three-kilometre walk – just before 3pm, surf life savers said.
Rogue wave

This meteorite is believed to be older than Earth
The meteorite came crashing down to Earth last year (Picture: Curtin University)

A meteorite that was recently discovered in Australia is believed to be older than Earth. 
The space rock came crashing down to our planet on November 27 last year. Locals in the William Creek and Marree areas of South Australia saw it breaking through the atmosphere. It was also picked up by the Desert Fireball Network which monitors meteors over the outback. 
Meteorite older than earth

Mysterious monster snake photographed at Nerang national park