Saturday, January 16, 2016

Journeys to the Heart of Australia and Mittleurope

There are many times in our life we don't remember. Yet We remember every day and every detail of our journeys to the land of the never never. It's something we will never forget ...

The Stuart Highway extends almost 3000 kilometres across the flat expanse of the Australian continent, and while the landscape rarely changes, there's no shortage of characters to meet along the way.
Red Road: the long long highway
A wooden boatshed near Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

A wooden boatshed near Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
In Praise of National Parks the natural treasures

"It's the age-old story. You can look at what's happening with the wealthiest 1 per cent owning the majority of our economy, and the deprivation of people who never get a shot at the Exile dream because the game is rigged. You can go back hundreds of years and it's the same story of the elites being in control of everything and also the same story of extracting of natural resources for our own benefit. And all that stuff is in the movie. For me, it's timeless." Mittleurope: democratic underground cinema ...

The pursuit of a good time has always been high on Leon's list of priorities. Perhaps it's in her genes. Her father was "a pretty happy-go-lucky guy", she says. Her mother? "A lunatic. God, she was funny. One of the funniest people I've ever known ... I think about her very, very often. I only have good memories. I know it's very fashionable to have a tormented childhood, but I was cheated out of that." Donna Leon and the madness of Venice

“The most difficult thing about doing fieldwork is remembering who you are,” said Erving Goffman. Enter his daughter Alice, an ethnographer…... I am rich 

More people in Europe are dying than are being born PhysOrg