Thursday, October 02, 2014

The World is Crumbling into Collapse

ISIS at the Gates of Baghdad Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch
The word “collapse” may seem overwrought when applied to Europe, but cold-blooded, clear eyed colleagues who have good connections and have spent a bit of time there recently say things that are broadly similar to Ilargi’s take. Despite the conventional wisdom that the cost of a Eurozone breakup is catastrophically and thus will never take place, that confidence may prove to be the currency union’s undoing. Ideological rigidity about austerity is leading to policies that are crushing large swathes of the population. And Europe, unlike the US, had enough of a tradition of popular revolt that that uprisings, either on the street or in the ballot box, are real possibilities, as the sudden rise of the anti-EU right shows.
Europe crumbling collapse

TaxGrrrlHow To Get Away With Tax Fraud. No, she hasn’t gone over to the dark side. She is outlining some rookie mistakes made by a Ms. Jackson, who tried to cash a $94 million tax refund check she received. Revenue agents were waiting for her at the grocery store where she tried to cash the check ...

Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card Reuters. I’ve refused to see doctors and labs that want to use a SSN as an identifier for this reason, plus doctors’ systems are vastly less well protected than those of financial services firms.  IRA records