Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The soft touch behind nudge

INK BOTTLE“At some point in every encounter of a celebrity with a journalist the reader has to choose sides. (True, many are the instances in which it is difficult to choose, so closely are one’s antipathies divided.)”
~Joseph Epstein, Fred Astaire

Kiss n' Goodbye sign at Aalborg Airport a huge hit on social media

Kiss & Goodbye sign at drop off zone at Aalborg Airport in North Jutland, Denmarkl

Looking for a kiss that'll put your head in the clouds? Then visit Aalborg Airport!

Nudge-nudge. RT : Denmark takes a softer sweeter approach to airport traffic.

“The whole nudge idea is to say, look, there are all these small influences in the environment that influence our choices,” ~ Karsten Schmidt
In my 8 Step Guide to Building a Social Workplace I try and focus on just these kind of environmental factors, and explore 8 specific ones that you can influence to hopefully guide employees behaviours to something more social and collaborative.