Monday, October 20, 2014

Majestic Altruisms

Risking Your Life without a Second Thought: Intuitive Decision-Making and Extreme Altruism PLOS One

Too often we feel when talking with an environmentalist that we are talking to religious zealots with little real knowledge and only an agenda rather than having facts and a willingness to problem solve.  There are so many areas good folks would be willing to consider if people would not preach at you and demonize you before the conversation even begins. Thanks for the even-handed discussion.  We have to get past in this country right and left and be more about problem solvers who respect differing cultures and then we can discuss what works best for us all.
Pictures: Birds Flaunt Majestic Tails and Dramatic Collars National Geographic

From public intellectual to public personality. Cornel Westseems more interested in name-dropping and ego-stroking than original thought... Media dragons love irony and we are related to everyone by two degree od separation ;-)